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Powerset decides to share its Excel models

Powerset Powerlabs Steve NewcombA little while ago I posted a blog entry that described how we are modeling population growth at Powerset.  As a result of the blog, I received an overwhelming number of people asking us to share our models so other people benefit from the thinking.

After discussing it with the team, we have decided to make quite a bold call as part of a larger plan to Open Up the Powerset Kimono (see my blog on Powerlabs.)  Over the next coming weeks, we are going to be sharing some our models openly with the public via Powerlabs – our product design and product launch social network that will be launching soon (hint: you can sign up today for early access on the website) and our public blog.

The way we are going to share our models with you is the same way we use them internally.  We are going to provide the RAW spreadsheet with all of the formulas exposed and we are going to share the FLASH front end that we build on top of Excel to present the data to investors, partners and internally (it’s quite cool and I think you’ll like it).  We are also going to try to include instructions that will show you how to create your own FLASH front ends to spreadsheets and we also hope to make everyone out their spreadsheet hackers like we are.  

As I mentioned before, opening up our modeling techniques is part of a larger goal to begin the process of changing our image of a secretive stealth startup to a completely open company that gives you unfettered access to our product(s), the ability to help us design them and to provide insight into the way we think inside of Powerset.

Many of you don’t know this, but I dedicated 2 years to SVASE (the Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs) where I was the Chairman of the Venture Capital Breakfast Club and the Chief Editor of the “Entrepreneur’s Workbook” a book written with the help from VCs, Law Firms and Service providers in the Bay Area.  During these 2 years, I dedicated myself to sharing as much “trapped” knowledge as I could.  I want to extend this to Powerset as much as I can.

My hope is that at Powerset, we can create a community around which all startups can help each other through openness, transparency and collective thinking.  I know Powerset has been in stealth mode up to this point, but that’s all about to change.

Please join us in the movement.  www.powerset.com


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Thanks for the transparency and I look forward to the data set.

Time to get out of stealth mode!!

Eagerly awaiting the sheets. :) Excellent!

If you get a chance to pimp a book on your blog, be sure to include a link. I just searched for it on Amazon and didn't get a hit. Where can I find it?

Bravo Steve. Especially for the UK, where there is so much cynicism (good for TV comedy, not always so good for start-ups and VC funding ;-) this is a breath of fresh air to read.

Is there a link to download the model?

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